Stop taking photographs.

When you’re looking for a “good shot;” deciding which photo app to use and opening it; looking through the miniature rending of the shot on a viewscreen; asking friends to tuck in closer; wondering if there’s a better place to improve the light in the shot…

What you’re *not* doing is actually taking in the moment itself. You’re not being IN that place, seeing the things happening with your eyes and mind. You’re not allowing your emotions to bounce off the constantly-evolving, moment-by-moment experiences that comprise the entire scope of that instant. You’re not opening yourself and your experience of that moment. You’re closing yourself to a hyper-focused piece of the wider moment.

What you’re doing is sacrificing your experience and memory of that moment in order to try to capture pieces of it in sterile 2-D. You’re robbing yourself of the whole experience, of the way you interact with a moment, of the way only you can personally experience a moment, in order to distill that moment into a universally-downgraded version that can never be more than a certain number of pixels.

You’re robbing yourself of the possibility of a sudden unexpected surprise, one that may come in visual form, but most likely will come in visual, nasal, auditory, even tactile form. You’re turning off most of your senses so that you can focus on the limited experience of one sense. You’re taking the YOU out of the moment.

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