Communication Takes Work

Group of pelicansThis page says, “Introverts (i.e. normal people) are easily overwhelmed by too much stimulation from social gatherings and engagement…”. Let’s examine why this aversion to gatherings* is a common feature of normal people.

Picture a gathering. What happens almost immediately? The idiots in the group begin talking, because… well, it’s what they do best. Meanwhile, the normals do what they do best: listen, comprehend, evaluate, think. The larger the group, and the more blabbermouths who are talking, the more work is involved for normals to listen to everyone, comprehend what everyone is meaning, evaluate those thoughts and their own related thoughts, and think about how they might meaningfully contribute to the conversation, if it’s even appropriate to do so.

Normal people don’t talk endlessly and assume everyone else around them cares. Rather, they listen, think, and respond with purpose and compassion; i.e. they respect the thoughts of others and choose to consider their words carefully before sharing them, if they do at all. Normal people have an aversion to gatherings because it’s exhausting to listen to people flapping their jaws, absorb and understand it all, and contribute meaningfully. Normal people are exhausted by such situations because they’re trying to communicate, not merely have their voice be heard. I wager that any blabbermouth who actually tried to listen, comprehend, and contribute something valuable would be much more quickly exhausted than any normal person, simply for lack of practice.

* “Social gathering” is a redundancy. “Social” literally means “of or related to a gathering or group.” Any situation in which more than 2 people have gathered together is simply a gathering.

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