“Introverts Need More Time to Think Before Speaking” and Other Bullshit

783250_39852654I am damn sick of reading “introverts (i.e. normal people) need more time to think before they speak.” It’s more bullshit spewed by the so-called “extrovert” crowd to make their obsessive mouth-flapping seem less psychotic.

Normal people think before speaking. We respect the person listening enough to put a bit of thought into what we say to them. We’re not obsessed with the sounds of our own mouths flapping. We take into account the feelings and sentiments of the people we communicate with. We feel as though a bit of thought is a good thing to include in conversation. Once again, good manners and respect are labelled as mental deficiency by those who lack them.

BoldomaticPost_Communication-starts-with-youLet’s be clear: In communication, listening is as important as — and arguably more important than — speaking. You can’t do that with your mouth open. When you take time to think about what you’re going to say before opening your mouth, you stand a chance of not sounding like a squabbling idiot every time.

Who’s the mental deficient here, really?

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