Phone Calls are Rude


Every list of so-called “introvert” traits seems to mention a preference for email versus telephone. Let’s cut to the chase and explore why this issue is pure bullshit.

  • Telephone Calls are Rude & Intrusive: When you pick up the phone and call someone, as when you approach their door and rap on it, you are interrupting them and demanding their immediate attention. A telephone call says, “Hey you! Stop whatever you’re doing and give me your attention immediately!”
  • Emails are Courteous & Respectful. When you text/email someone, you’re delivering a message that they (via their personally-chosen system of notification) can see, consider, and respond to in their own time.

I’m sure there will be questions, such as:

  • “What about emergencies?” I’m not talking about emailing the fire department if your house is on fire. I’m talking about the 99.9% of communication that you do every single day. Do you need me immediately for a good reason? Then call. Otherwise, have the decency to realize that I may be busy with something else, and email me. I’ll email you back, because I respect your privacy as well.
  • BoldomaticPost_Phone-calls-are-rude-intrusive“It’s just easier for everyone to use the phone.” It may be easier for you to rudely interrupt someone else’s privacy to force them to listen to whatever is on your mind at that moment, yes. That’s not an argument, that’s you being an asshole.
  • “I like it when my friends call.” That’s fine — you may not often be doing anything that requires your unfettered attention. But other people are not the same as you. If you want to chat on the phone, why not text message and ask, “Have time to chat?”

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